Game Director, Game & Level Designer, Technical Artist
Teresina Ho
Evangelia Karalioki
Nikolaj Munk
Oliver D.J. Christensen
Théo Calleja 
Sarah Marcussen
Erik Kjær Andersen
PC & Mac
June 2019
The Game
The Last Jeli is a 4-player competitive runner game. The planet of the Jeli is falling apart, and there is only one spaceship off the planet, which they are racing for.
The core mechanic of the game is called JeliPort, a projectile of energy, that the Jeli can shoot out, which will ricochet off the environment. If it hits another player or a TardiCow they will teleport to each others position.
The core loop of the game is that the players start with the ground falling behind them. They then start to run in order to not fall down. They can use the JeliPort to try to mess up the other players, and there are procedurally generated platforming elements in the level to slow down players and increase the difficulty. If a player falls off, she is out of the game. When there is only one player left, the spaceship will appear and the last Jeli can then fly to safety, though it is possible to be eliminated even as the last player, effectively ending the game in a draw.
My Role
I worked primarily as the Game Director on this game, but I also had a big part as Game Designer, Level Designer and Technical Artist next to it.
As Game Director it was my responsibility to create the core concept for the game in terms of narrative, game design and mechanics, and making sure that everyone was working together to create the desired feel, within a realistic scope, in collaboration with a project manager.
As Game Designer I was a big part of the design of the main mechanic as well as the tweaking of it, and the other core mechanics of the game.
As Level Designer I was a big part of designing the different modules that we would be able to randomly piece together to create interesting and varied levels through procedural generation. It was very important to have a lot of different modules that would fit together perfectly, but still be interesting and create interesting and engaging gameplay moments of varied intensity.
I also worked a bit as Tech Artist, creating shaders for the game, to create the jelly aesthetic for the characters and environment.
Level Design Process and Modules
In-game Screenshots
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