Game Designer, 3D Artist
Bjørn Sørensen
Christian Søndergaard Weatherley
Kasper Egholm Endahl
PC & Mac
November 2018
The Game
Limits is a 2-player emotional roleplaying game, where roleplaying is done through talking together, while the virtual content portrays the world in which players are roleplaying. One plays as the photographer and the other as the model. Both players are introduced to their roles before the game by a script for each role. The photographer has to take pictures and tell the model to pose. The model has to do as she is told. The less clothes the model has on, the more money are awarded per picture, and the photographer can at any time ask her to remove more. As they progress by removing more clothes, the game starts to gradually make the situation more uneasy for both players, through music and lights, becoming more ominous the further they get, creating an uncomfortable feeling between the two players. When the model has reached her limits she can press a button to leave. The photographer should make her stay at all costs. The game ends when the model leaves, the photographer runs out of photos, or one or both players finds the situation too uncomfortable and wants to stop playing.
My Role
I worked as a Game Designer and Visual Artist of this game.
As Game Designer I worked on the overall design and concept of the game with my team, as well implementing the progression and control system, and the playtesting of the experience.
As Visual Artist I worked on the design and creation of the 3D environment and assets, as well as working on creating the desired emotion and progression through lighting and audio changes.
Scripts introducing each player to their role
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