Game Designer & Technical Artist
Alexis Emmanuel Lozano Angulo
Bjørn Højlund Rasmussen
Bjørn Sørensen
Viktor Henderson 
Android and iOS
June 2019
The Game
Have Riget is an Augmented Reality game designed for iPad, in collaboration with Rigshospitalet’s Oncological Department, in order to create a game for young relatives of cancer patients, to make it easier for them to be there. It is set in a garden, that represents a sanctuary for these mutant vegetable creatures. The garden was designed to be recognisable for the children, so they can easily comprehend it as something familiar to feel more safe. The game is about creating different characters who will live in the garden.
The core loop of the game starts out with the relative and the patient, either in the waiting room or in a hospital room, depending on the situation. The game starts in the garden, from where they can go to AR mode, where they (or just the child, depending on the parent’s current state) will go around the hospital to scan markers, showing a box that they can press in order to collect an ingredient. When they have collected at least 3 ingredients, they can go to the “Mixing Bench”. There they drag ingredients, from the ingredient list, into the mixing pot, which will show the current ingredient below it. When there are 3 ingredients in the pot, it will say “Mix”, from where they will proceed to shake the iPad to mix (simulating shaking the pot with the ingredients, accompanied by an animation as feedback). When they have mixed the creature, they go back to the garden, where they will see the their creation, moving around in the environment.
My Role
I worked as a Game Designer and Tech Artist on this game.
As Game Designer I worked a lot on designing the overall game and prototyping different behaviours, along with my team. I further worked a lot on designing and implementing a lot of the different tablet interactions, AR and camera behaviour, the flow of the game as well as navigation. A big part of this role was also to playtest and tweaking many aspects of the game.
As a Tech Artist I worked on several tools for the game, the most important being a system to spawn and create characters, based on the ingredients, the children would put in the mixing pot. For this I worked closely with our character designer to create modular characters, that would fit the system. I also made it possible for the characters to be animated through the system, as well as make them walk around and feel alive.
In-game Screenshots
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