Game Designer, 3D & VFX Artist
Bjørn Sørensen
Christian Søndergaard Weatherley
Kasper Egholm Endahl
PC & Mac
December 2018
The Game
BallFoot is a 2-4 player physics-based chaotic party game, set in a world where balls have gotten tired of being kicked around and are now playing sports with humans instead.
The premise is that players control different kinds of balls and has to play football with a human. The team with the most points when the timer runs out, wins. The players can boost and jump into the human in order to push him into the opponents goal, where he is then blown back into the middle of the field. It is possible to disrupt other players by pushing them, but there are also different wacky power-ups, such as a hand that grabs and throws other balls away, a spiky mode to deflate and stun other balls, as well as super speed and supersized ball mode. The game contains two levels, one is the football field, which is the standard mode, and then the pinball level, where there are flippers and bumpers to make the game even more crazy and interesting.
My Role
I worked as a Game Designer, 3D and VFX Artist on this game.
As Game Designer I worked on the overall design and flow of the game, as well as how you interact with it and the other players. I further worked on designing and implementing some of the different power-ups as well as different states of the game, such as the winning state. Apart from this, I also worked a lot on playtesting and tweaking the different mechanics.
As 3D and VFX Artist I worked first of all on creating the main football level, with its design and actual 3D assets, as well as the trophy that the winning team would get. I further worked different particle effects for the power-ups and fireworks when a team wins.
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