Astro Teaser Trailer

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Game & Level Designer, Narrative Writer
Anders Ipsen
Jan Kanty Janiszewski
Mikkel Quist Thynov
PC & Mac
June 2018
The Game
You play as a lonely astronaut on a journey to find a black hole to power the earth. As you fly through space you will encounter many different types of planets and phenomena, that are all part of the life cycle of a star. Through the journey the astronaut will tell you the story of the different stars as well as personal comments.
The gameplay is to fly around in space. An arrow shows you the direction to the next objective, but space is covered in asteroids, which all attracts you with their gravitational field, making navigation harder, but interesting. To accompany your journey, a line system in front of you will show how you are currently affected by gravity. You can also slow time for a short while to help you correct your path, but you will eventually bump into something.
My Role
I worked as a Game Designer, Level Designer and Narrative Writer on this project.
As Game Designer I worked on the overall idea and concept of the game, as well as the prototyping and designing the main mechanic of flying around. I further worked on the design for the narrative system.
As Level Designer I worked a lot on the pacing and spacing of the different stars and phenomena you experience, to make it feel like a journey, but without making it too slow and boring. This also entailed figuring out when and which dialogue the character should say, to pace out the story and keep the players engaged. Lastly, this also included the whole event system and especially the ending of the game, when you find the black hole, to make it an emotional event.
Lastly, I wrote the entire narrative and dialogue, based on actual facts about stars and space.
In-game Screenshots
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